The ugly, hardened mass of make-up

If you ask anyone what will their three wishes be, that they’ll want the Genie from Aladdin or a ‘wishing well’ to grant them, they are most likely to answer the 3 M’s..

Money that will rule all,

Marriage that will conquer all,

and Make-up that will conceal all.


Or at least most of the people will..


Money and marriage, I understand. Like, who doesn’t want a luxurious lifestyle with their spouse, huh?

But what I don’t understand is the need of people to conceal them with layers of make-up.

And i speak metaphorically too.

Though, I hardly use make-up in a day-to-day life, I am a thorough user of the ‘metaphoric’ make-up.

And it’s not just me.

Millions of people have covered their true selves with tonnes of make-up.

And why is it so?

Maybe they’re afraid to be judged, maybe they’re afraid to reveal their all, or maybe they’re just busy pretending to be someone else.

In my case, it’s a mixed proportion of all the three.

So, what if someone tries to crack this shard of make-up, hardened over the years of ill-experiences and betrayals, and try to be someone they know they are?


Unzip and find your true self!

What if someone tries to ‘make-over’ themselves, to try and be the better ‘I-am-as-I-am’ version of themselves?

The looks department is comparatively easier.

But once you’ve changed your looks, how do you go about changing the person beneath that look?


How do you go about removing the ugly, hardened mass of make-up, that has formed over your innards?

Because, let’s face it, there is nothing more beautiful than your true inner self.