Being Foolish


I’m sure you would’ve met quite a few fools in your life to spare me the trouble of explaining the term to you. Maybe, in some cases, like mine, you would’ve been called a ‘fool’ a couple of times.

Our society tries to maintain its distance from the ‘fools’. They look down upon them, like they’re some dirt stuck to the tip of their polished shoes, which they would do anything to get rid of.

And so, no one voluntarily wants a ‘fool’ to be their friend.

But what makes you a fool? Questioning the obvious, trying to find a way to make the impossible possible, and making yourself vulnerable to deception, are a couple of things.

Just basically, anything that defies the set logic of the society, is enough to guarantee you the name tag, ‘fool’.

But is it a bad thing?

Sure, it makes you an easy target for the cheats and the frauds – mainly because you trust so much, but also because the said society doesn’t give a sh*t to whatever happens to you.

But, in the bigger picture, you may benefit from being called a ‘fool’. Actually.

Look at Einstein, Newton, Gandhi, and Mandela. They’ve had their share of ridicule, been mocked for their unconventional ideas, and strutted upon by their contemporaries and the society, but they stood unflinched on their beliefs and irradical thinking. If that made them ‘fools’, they couldn’t care less. And now they own a significant portion for themselves in shaping the world’s history.


So, when someone calls you a ‘fool’, remember you’re one step closer to leaving that orthodox thinking.


In fact next time, deliberately try ‘being foolish’ for a change. Who knows, the world may even benefit from your ‘foolishness’.


Something That Allures Me To You

This is something I wrote for Weekly Writing Challenge: Leave Your Shoes at the Door.. Not too great but hope you still like it.

The p.o.v. of a stranger watching another stranger travel daily..

“I see you take the same route everyday. Headphones in your ears, your lips moving rhythmically, as you try to sing along the lyrics. Your eyes, they move curiously, shying away from a stray pair of eyes, that may just happen to land on you. That’s when you’d tuck a stray lock of hair, fallen astray from your loose hair, behind your ears. Your cheeks a brilliant shade of red, with the unwanted attention.

“Occasionally, you’d shake your shoulders as if you’re doing a step in your mind to match with the beat, and pretending to be ignorant, when you see me looking right at you.

“There is a sprint in your step, a glint in your eye, or is it a drop of unshed tear that you are trying so hard to mask with your smile?

“You try to move your way all the way to the front of the crowd, your feet always in a hurry, yet you pause for the old lady to pass by.

“You see everyone, yet you’re lost in your own world. A world of peace, no doubt, from where you find that lost smile. Or maybe, it’s a world of hope, that you’ve clutched on so tightly, that reflects in your smile.

“You may not be the most beautiful person but there is something about you that allures me to you. Something that shows me how beautiful you are inside.”

Free Fall

I’m not sure where I’m going with my life these days. It’s just been taking on one day after another…trying to breathe. Trying to wait for the right opportunity to bounce back.



For what? Even I don’t know.

Maybe some miracle…maybe someone.

Just to hold my hands, and listen to my useless chatterings, that I keep day-long, locked under the shield of my lips..

Just to help me through my quirks..

Just to answer to the stupidest questions I may ask..

Just to support me through every wrong decision I make..

Just to help me find me again, who I lost somewhere along the line, piece-by-piece, due to circumstances, betrayals, trusting too much, and a childhood that’ll never return.

I’m tired of being misunderstood, so please..

Just be a friend to me.


Till then, I’ll be here, trying to fight the daily battle of survival, in the state of freefall, direction-less, with my words waiting to be heard.

The ugly, hardened mass of make-up

If you ask anyone what will their three wishes be, that they’ll want the Genie from Aladdin or a ‘wishing well’ to grant them, they are most likely to answer the 3 M’s..

Money that will rule all,

Marriage that will conquer all,

and Make-up that will conceal all.


Or at least most of the people will..


Money and marriage, I understand. Like, who doesn’t want a luxurious lifestyle with their spouse, huh?

But what I don’t understand is the need of people to conceal them with layers of make-up.

And i speak metaphorically too.

Though, I hardly use make-up in a day-to-day life, I am a thorough user of the ‘metaphoric’ make-up.

And it’s not just me.

Millions of people have covered their true selves with tonnes of make-up.

And why is it so?

Maybe they’re afraid to be judged, maybe they’re afraid to reveal their all, or maybe they’re just busy pretending to be someone else.

In my case, it’s a mixed proportion of all the three.

So, what if someone tries to crack this shard of make-up, hardened over the years of ill-experiences and betrayals, and try to be someone they know they are?


Unzip and find your true self!

What if someone tries to ‘make-over’ themselves, to try and be the better ‘I-am-as-I-am’ version of themselves?

The looks department is comparatively easier.

But once you’ve changed your looks, how do you go about changing the person beneath that look?


How do you go about removing the ugly, hardened mass of make-up, that has formed over your innards?

Because, let’s face it, there is nothing more beautiful than your true inner self.


Single, Divorced, but Plenty Tall Enough to Ride: A Blogger Profile

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There are 47 million blogs at WordPress.com and every single one has a unique story to tell. Today, we’re proud to introduce you to WordPress.com blogger Matt, the man behind Must Be This Tall To Ride, a hilarious and often poignant chronicle of his life as a single divorced father. Matt took some time out to talk to us about where he gets his ideas, how he came up with the witty name for his site, and what blogging has meant to him.


How did you get started blogging?

Last April 1, my wife packed a suitcase and moved away forever. April Fools’ Day. Fitting. Her new boyfriend was a big shot. Tall. Successful. Rich. And I was just…me. Dumped. A nobody. And not just any nobody. An emotionally wrecked nobody who cried. What woman is going to ever date a dude who cries?

I felt really small…

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To the new beginnings

In the wee hours of the dark, or you may call it dawn, I finally muster up courage to write about me, though if this courage is enough for me to actually post this, is another thing, coz I have this really bad habit of delaying things to the point of not doing. So if I actually post this, kudos to me! (Maybe I have stopped procrastinating.. LOL, just kidding!)

Level one completed of the yet-to be known thing called blogging, but more importantly, a step closer to finding or discovering myself..

Actually i have started this blog ‘coz i love to write..not that I’ve written anything to be particularly proud of or anything significant enough, yet. But then this is what this blog is about- to write about stuff that intrigues me, the stuff that i can’t or don’t want to share with the people i know, and, in the process, sharpen my writing skills.

So, a win-win, eh?

Well, about me I’ll say, I love to read (not that I’ve read much too, but hey, I’m open for suggestions any day!) and write, which you would’ve gathered by now.

Music is my weakness. It’s like it resides in my bones, and everytime i hear a song, either I get lost in another world, by closing my eyes, or merely day-dreaming with open eyes, or I chuck everything that I’m doing at that moment and dance, in oblivion to the world, much to the annoyance of the person who has to see me. hehe! Crazy, right?

A creative person, or so I’d like to think, with a bit of talent here and another bit there. Also, I’m a very sensitive person, who thinks true love is just a myth. What? I haven’t seen any proof to prove otherwise, and until I do, I’m not at all swaying from my belief! And, umm…lemme see, a true loyalist I am. You ain’t getting rid of me, till you leave me!

I don’t have any goals, any expectations from this blog, except for learning how to express myself and how to be ME, and if i learn that, trust me, this blog’ll have more than served its purpose. so fingers crossed for that.


just living my life..

ps- i hope i haven’t sounded bore or a drag in this post, if it’s so sincere apologies…and for any sort of grammatical error, don’t kill me for that, please! Also, special thanks to the Zero to Hero Challenge for actually encouraging me to write this post!