Dictating Other’s Lives

Have you ever being so invested in someone’s life that you unwittingly started dictating their lives?

But here’s the catch, what if that someone doesn’t even know you?

The Peeping Toms

Since the development of the mankind, man has been far more interested in other’s affairs than his own. Grass is always greener on the other side because we are more interested in the grass growing on the other side.

Also, this provides us temporary, but much needed distraction, from our unsorted affairs. I mean the affairs aren’t going anywhere, are they?

The internet is full of the so-called Peeping Toms, looking for new targets to serve as their distraction. And the most common targets? Of course, the ever-so-popular celebrities and their long list of relationships. The cause of our secret desire as well as envy.

The Celeb-Tracker

Ever since all kinds of stuff about celebrities became easily accessible, their private lives are no longer theirs to claim. If you are a fan, you can most likely keep a track of every movement of your favourite celeb, and that too sitting countries afar.

Via the net, of course.

Everything they do sets  a deep impact on you.

They recommend a book, and you start reading it, even though you’re not much of  a reader.

Movie choices, album selections, brands, dressing-styles, hairstyles, you try to imitate almost everything of theirs.

Suddenly, their lives are religiously followed, their twitter and facebook profiles are visited every couple of hours, fights are taken up to support them, no matter how peace-loving you are, and people, you may not know or like, are followed, just to get an inside scoop, especially on their dating life.

In short, you start to idolize them and their lives.

All Hell Breaks Loose

So when that said celeb does something that breaks that ‘perfect image‘, all hell breaks loose.

You bash them left, right and centre, threaten to unfollow them, actually unfollow them, and carry on discussions bashing them on Facebook, WhatsApp and basically any place you find, with like-minded people into the wee hours of night.

In the hope that they’ll hear you, not literally of course.

So interested you become in what they do, who they date, that you actually try to dictate your wishes on them. Like they haven’t got lives or something. Like they are not entitled to their share of decisions: good or bad. Like we, strangers, will know what’s best for them.

But luckily, humans tend to have a very short memory when it comes to others.

So that interest is soon forgotten.

You get over being ‘in love‘ with a celeb, and your little obsession is cured. All thank to that little ‘betrayal’.

This type of thing happens to many people, me being one of them, and while the others face similar infatuations with other obsessions that they try to get control on.

What is important is to give a person enough credit to decide for himself and if he’s making bad decisions, it’s his life. Screw him!

Why waste your precious emotions on someone, who may not even value them, when you could be dictating yourself to the best time of your life?


A Vow of Silence?

For this week’s challenge, Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence, a letter from an Anonymous, speaking about silence.. through my POV..


“It’s something so common for me, like a language, for it has inadvertently replaced my mother-tongue. Like a second skin to cover my tanned exterior. Like a wall, that shields me from the world, and sometimes, me. Like the pillow to which I’ve narrated countless feelings, and still they remain unheard..and anonymous. Like a best friend, who comforts me in the dark, and unseeingly holds my hand, as I walk through their corridor.


It’s something that the oppressor have repeatedly desired from the oppressed, for it is the later’s weakness.

It’s something that it takes for the world to be happy with you, for to not have it tags you ‘rebellious’.

It’s something that every individual desires from another, even if it is for a moment.


It is something of me that gives you the right to comment on me.

It is something of me that makes it okay for you to bully me in that corridor.

It is something of me that makes it acceptable for you to abuse me in the darkness of night. Or maybe, even in a crowded bus.

It is something that the society taught me was good.


It is something  that we all speak at some part of our lives. Some more than the others.

It’s something that the dominating spouse demands from you.

It’s something that a parent demands from you, and you, in turn, from your child.


It has long been the unseen glue that holds a marriage, or for that matter, every relationship, together.

An abuser’s fantasy.

A secret to be your boss’s favourite, sometimes.

Or sometimes, it is just to prevent suspicions from falling your way, or just, making you look bad.


It is something that has long being said is one of the most beautiful jewel to adorn the human, yet when I wear it, you term me weak.

It resonance may be golden, but remember when that resonance fades and there is the dull hanging in the air, you may hear a symphony that will rock the air out of your lungs, for it will be in that moment when I will discard this jewel and adorn a more precious jewel: My Voice.