Being Foolish


I’m sure you would’ve met quite a few fools in your life to spare me the trouble of explaining the term to you. Maybe, in some cases, like mine, you would’ve been called a ‘fool’ a couple of times.

Our society tries to maintain its distance from the ‘fools’. They look down upon them, like they’re some dirt stuck to the tip of their polished shoes, which they would do anything to get rid of.

And so, no one voluntarily wants a ‘fool’ to be their friend.

But what makes you a fool? Questioning the obvious, trying to find a way to make the impossible possible, and making yourself vulnerable to deception, are a couple of things.

Just basically, anything that defies the set logic of the society, is enough to guarantee you the name tag, ‘fool’.

But is it a bad thing?

Sure, it makes you an easy target for the cheats and the frauds – mainly because you trust so much, but also because the said society doesn’t give a sh*t to whatever happens to you.

But, in the bigger picture, you may benefit from being called a ‘fool’. Actually.

Look at Einstein, Newton, Gandhi, and Mandela. They’ve had their share of ridicule, been mocked for their unconventional ideas, and strutted upon by their contemporaries and the society, but they stood unflinched on their beliefs and irradical thinking. If that made them ‘fools’, they couldn’t care less. And now they own a significant portion for themselves in shaping the world’s history.


So, when someone calls you a ‘fool’, remember you’re one step closer to leaving that orthodox thinking.


In fact next time, deliberately try ‘being foolish’ for a change. Who knows, the world may even benefit from your ‘foolishness’.


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