Free Fall

I’m not sure where I’m going with my life these days. It’s just been taking on one day after another…trying to breathe. Trying to wait for the right opportunity to bounce back.



For what? Even I don’t know.

Maybe some miracle…maybe someone.

Just to hold my hands, and listen to my useless chatterings, that I keep day-long, locked under the shield of my lips..

Just to help me through my quirks..

Just to answer to the stupidest questions I may ask..

Just to support me through every wrong decision I make..

Just to help me find me again, who I lost somewhere along the line, piece-by-piece, due to circumstances, betrayals, trusting too much, and a childhood that’ll never return.

I’m tired of being misunderstood, so please..

Just be a friend to me.


Till then, I’ll be here, trying to fight the daily battle of survival, in the state of freefall, direction-less, with my words waiting to be heard.


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