My encounter with a stranger

So this short poem, written by me, is inspired by the challenge recently given by Daily Prompt Challenge, Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People, and here it goes..

dashing out of the house,

making up for the stolen time somehow.

curses firing coz of that one second,

which i’m repenting now.

buses late as they ever were,

bent on taking some revenge of the long-lost.

people, waiting, their feet tapping,

like some restless no-face ghost.

yet, somehow, i saw you,

face covered in lines,

though you looked okay,

but through your eyes, the worry shines.

lips quivering, sweat drops on your forehead,

as you brought your coat closer,

an unknown inner battle goes on silently,

even its thought makes me quiver.

a shifty look in your eyes,

as the battle wages on,

the fight between good and bad,

that the experiences had brought on.

elbows woke me from my stupor,

as the tires screeched to a halt.

as, in front of me, the bus moved on, i looked out,

the window telling the tale of an inner assault.

and that day my mind wouldnt stay with me,

wandering off to that turmoil of yours,

your handsomely troubled face,

and the lines that made your face scarce.

Loads of love.



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