To the new beginnings

In the wee hours of the dark, or you may call it dawn, I finally muster up courage to write about me, though if this courage is enough for me to actually post this, is another thing, coz I have this really bad habit of delaying things to the point of not doing. So if I actually post this, kudos to me! (Maybe I have stopped procrastinating.. LOL, just kidding!)

Level one completed of the yet-to be known thing called blogging, but more importantly, a step closer to finding or discovering myself..

Actually i have started this blog ‘coz i love to write..not that I’ve written anything to be particularly proud of or anything significant enough, yet. But then this is what this blog is about- to write about stuff that intrigues me, the stuff that i can’t or don’t want to share with the people i know, and, in the process, sharpen my writing skills.

So, a win-win, eh?

Well, about me I’ll say, I love to read (not that I’ve read much too, but hey, I’m open for suggestions any day!) and write, which you would’ve gathered by now.

Music is my weakness. It’s like it resides in my bones, and everytime i hear a song, either I get lost in another world, by closing my eyes, or merely day-dreaming with open eyes, or I chuck everything that I’m doing at that moment and dance, in oblivion to the world, much to the annoyance of the person who has to see me. hehe! Crazy, right?

A creative person, or so I’d like to think, with a bit of talent here and another bit there. Also, I’m a very sensitive person, who thinks true love is just a myth. What? I haven’t seen any proof to prove otherwise, and until I do, I’m not at all swaying from my belief! And, umm…lemme see, a true loyalist I am. You ain’t getting rid of me, till you leave me!

I don’t have any goals, any expectations from this blog, except for learning how to express myself and how to be ME, and if i learn that, trust me, this blog’ll have more than served its purpose. so fingers crossed for that.


just living my life..

ps- i hope i haven’t sounded bore or a drag in this post, if it’s so sincere apologies…and for any sort of grammatical error, don’t kill me for that, please! Also, special thanks to the Zero to Hero Challenge for actually encouraging me to write this post!


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